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Leaders need to learn how to facilitate_T102

the second episode in this trilogy on Leadership Facilitation

transcript by Wayne Brown

Today, in Part 2 of this podcast, we’ll look to the facilitation activities which you need to concentrate on during the event itself.

AND to help you along the way we also provide a downloadable “Facilitation Game Plan” and it will allow you to incorporate a structured framework for each step throughout the entire facilitation process.

The great news is that from Part 1’s activities, your preparations have placed you in an excellent position to successfully facilitate your next and all future events, making life easy for our participants and shaping the meetings towards the desired outcome and continuing on that path of personal development and growth. So, let’s set sail and look at some keys areas for you to address and master.

Please printout your “Facilitator Game Plan” so that you can follow through our discussion easily. You will note that each topic is numbered, so as we start a new topic, I will state the topic number to help you follow along. In addition, under each topic we have a space for recording your notes – maybe you heard something that resonated with you and you want to capture it here for future reference. In Part 3 we’ll be providing one more template called the “Post-event guide for facilitators” which will complete the trilogy. We hope that with all 3 documents, you have the necessary ingredients to facilitate at many successful events through-out your career.

Be warned however that like most things in our life today, this isn’t a one-time solution and requires you to stay current with technology and new practices whilst actively facilitating on a regular basis.

Today and as shown in the Facilitator Game Plan, we break our 6 topics over 2 segments. The first 3 topics in segment 1 are;

Topic 1.01:        Ringing the opening bell

Topic 1.02:        Setting ground rules & enlisting engagement

Topic 1.03:        Time managing – the agenda & discussions

In segment 2, we cover;

Topic 1.04:        Creating pulse checks and parking lots

Topic 1.05:        Managing challenging situations

Topic 1.06:        Pounding the closing bell

From topic 1.06 we mention the importance for a Call to Action. This is a powerful way to help keep the spark alive following the event, perhaps long enough for the new ideas to take hold and see the light of day – for behaviour change to become more than just a catch cry.

Well there is and its related to the post-event follow-up process.  So as we close Part 2 of this podcast, here’s your Call to Action – join us in Part 3 the final episode in this trilogy, to learn the secrets. In Part 3, we will provide the various methods available to us as facilitators to reach that holy grail. Before then we hope you find time to apply what you have covered in Parts 1 & 2. If so, we then will welcome you to join us on the next leg of this facilitators journey. 

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What preparation do leaders need to achieve success?

The first epidsode in a trilogy focusing on Leadership Facilitation

transcript by Wayne Brown

Welcome to this trilogy focused on Facilitation – the title of the series is Highly effective facilitation for every leader and in this episode Part 1 – Preparation leaders need to achieve success, we focus on 5 key prep-steps.

As the previous couchTALK introduction episode mentions, the aim of this show is to bring learning opportunities to executives of our tribe, through the experiences and insights of the collective tribe members themselves. Like-minded individuals that are networked globally and offering up their experience and knowledge through discussions and interviews for the betterment of our industry.

We also ask our colleagues from outside the industry – those that are members of a different tribe but which heavily influence our own – these architects, consultants, developers, property owners and managers, even the end user who all share in-valuable insights about what they see as our challenges and opportunities, even requirements.

In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world we face today, we all need whatever assistance we can obtain. So in addition to the above, I will act as your host and Coach, providing those more formal learnings moments.

We kick start this trilogy on Facilitation under “Highly effective facilitation for every leader and this episode as Part 1 – Preparation leaders need to achieve success”. Why commence with facilitation – well as John Naisbitt says;

“Our new Leaders need to be facilitators, not order givers”.

Establishing your pre-event checklist – how many of you recreate the wheel every time you come to the task of facilitating?

Sure, over time your level of comfort may increase and certain routines are established, but I’m guess most of you won’t be facilitating regularly, right? Perhaps you’re still in the early stages of grounding yourself as a new or young leader and therefore the last thing you need to burden yourself with is any added pressure.

Trying to understand those key steps which we need to follow, does nothing to calm the nerves or enable you to facilitate effectively. Hence, during part 1 of this podcast we’ll run through 5 key prep-steps, which we’re quietly confident will provide you the essentials to nail this critical stage. We a sneak peek at the titles of those 5 steps;

Prep step #1:   Know your audience

Prep step #2:   Know your event and agenda

Prep step #3:   Create the venue environment 

Prep step #4:   Prepare your tools & questions

Prep step #5:   Prepare your mind & your agility

And just to be sure, we’ll be providing you with a copy of this “Pre-event checklist for facilitators”, which you can download and save for use whenever a facilitation opportunity comes your way. Who knows – rather than dread this process, perhaps you will even start to feel so confident that you will seek out opportunities to practice and showcase your talents. We’re hoping so anyway and are ready to support you on that journey.

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