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About Us

We’re on a mission …

Giving back to this industry which has provided so much to all of us, is our starting point.

  • How we plan to do this, is where we become a little unique!

For this site to truly serve our current and future tribal leaders, we understand that it requires much more than one individual input. Instead this needs to come from a broad base, contributed to by groups that can do the tribe justice, bringing multiple and differing perspectives.

We have therefore leveraged off a collective network to establish a truly international pool of talents.

Our contributors will broadly fall into 4 “tribal” groups. Each of the groups consisting of a network spanning most corners of the world, thereby ensuring diversity of input and opinion – hence healthy debate!

Above all else however – we want this site to be informative, educational and engaging.

Serving as a source of inspiration, motivation and a reservoir of knowledge from which our tribal leaders can leverage.

Watch this short video to gain a brief insight to what we are doing and offering.

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The Coach (that’s me Wayne, your site host).

I’m playing the role of coach and / or mentor depending on circumstance, plus the “Travelling Wilbury” of the group, utilizing opportunities whilst visiting different countries and cities.

Sharing a variety of perspectives gathered from different cultures, language, mature or emerging nations, even small start-up operations and looking to all of the dynamics which play out on our tribes’ daily business.

However, from time to time we bring along a guest who’s plays a similar role or function, but is able to expand on my singular view and capabilities.

These people, we call the “Legends”. From their life long exposure and experience they bring to our table invaluable insights and lessons which are not easily found or replaced in today’s landscape.

Can you imagine spending more than 30 years of your life working in the same industry. Day in day out – it takes a special kind of person to maintain their passion for this period. This is the type of person we speak about here in this group.

They will share their stories and their learnings, each contributor leaving us with a summarized take-away of key lessons

They may not all be our elected leaders; however, they share a common purpose and that is to disrupt our industry and steer its direction towards the future.              

These are our “Innovators”.

These innovators look at current practices and marry them with the digital developments re-shaping the world around us. They foresee and work towards a future industry landscape , therefore playing a crucial role of ensuring that we stay aligned with our stakeholders.

Similar to the Legends, our Innovators with provide their prediction for significant changes to watch for in the next or future periods.

The forth and final group in our cluster are the “Cheque Writers”. This group is not from our elevator-escalator tribe and instead is formed from a large cross-section of different tribes, however theyall exert ultimate control over our actions.

  1. The Cheque Writers are our key stakeholders, the Architects, Consultants, Developers, Building Owners, Facility Managers, even our end users.

Those people that often have the first and last say related to expectations about our performance.

With-out this final group we would not exist and therefore we feel that they are a vital contributor, completing our holistic picture. Therefore, we take the opportunity to ask each of our key stakeholders to list several Preferences, expectations & considerations.

A few extras ….

In addition to writing articles for this site, each group participates in interviews with the Coach through our “couchTALK” podcasts. An insightful discussion which often brings the written message to life.

You’re certain to find topics of interested when searching through the 4 clustered series. Our aim is to add to these weekly so there’s always plenty of fresh content.

  1. Coaching
  2. Legends
  3. Innovators
  4. Cheque Writers

Be sure to check-out our “Mentors Rant”, an often-comical look at life in our industry.

Through a monthly video production, our mentor (alias Professor Wayne) tackles key topics essential for an executive’s leadership toolkit. Covering deep dives into staff attitude, performance and business challenges, plus individual development and capabilities (competencies, skills and knowledge).

And finally, don’t miss out on the “Promotions” section where we run or update offers from free coaching, e-books and supporting material related to you the business executive. Normally these are free, which makes this section all the more attractive. For those wanting to ensure they are kept up to date you are able to subscribe for an emailed link each time new material is posted or released.

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